Have you ever wondered what makes a business successful over a long period of time?

Do you think it’s luck?  Is it superior sales ability?  Intelligence and experience must have something to do with it, right?

My feeling is the long-term success of a business is determined by the ability of the owners/managers to make a series of  ” the best decisions possible with the best information possible. ”

You often hear a business owner talk about that ” big sale ” or ” huge cost savings ” they just had, but that really produces only short-term success.  With long-term success, it is harder to point to a single decision that results in the success.  The business success is the accumulation of a lot of really good business decisions made day-to-day.  The opposite is also true.  Businesses that fail over the long term are often doomed by a series of bad decisions or decisions made with bad information.

Unless you are submitting direct questions here (and please do), I doubt this blog can help you with making the best decisions for your business. The best decisions for your business often require the experience you possess as a business owner/manager.  This blog can help you start to collect better information for those decisions.  Any improvement you can make to your internal information will pay dividends down the road in the form of business success.

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